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This is a transcript of the Earthworm Jim episode "Conqueror Worm" from season 1, which first aired on October 7, 1995.

(Jim and Peter are being lowered into a vat of boiling acid)

Narrator: We join our bold heroes Earthworm Jim and Peter Puppy as they are being lowered into a vat of boiling acid by the despicable Evil the Cat!

Evil: Now you shall perish, you insipid worm, and I shall-

Jim: I know, I know, you'll destroy the universe,

Evil: Ugh... tell me the truth. Am I getting predictable?

Peter: Jim, I'm allergic to acid!

Jim: Fear not, fuzz-buddy! I'll free us with my Swedish army claws! Corkscrews? Rats! Nail files? Rats! Bottle openers? Rats! Rats! Rats! Rats!

Peter: Uh, Jim? Since your arm's free, why don't you just use your gun?

Jim: What? Oh, yeah, sure!

(Jim fires his gun at the acid, causing the vat to explode. Evil and Henchrat run away screaming.)

Peter: Good goin' Jim! You've beaten the bad guys and saved the universe once again.

Jim: Hm? Oh yeah, who cares about the universe? How do I get these stupid claws to work? Swordfish? Rats! Umbrella? Rats! Lawn flamingo!? Rats!


Narrator: We take you now to Earthworm Jim, showing the eight wonder of the world, the Terlawk mall, to the mighty Hamsternator, evil's stretchy cheeked foe!

Jim: Ah, Earth's greatest contribution to high culture, the mall. Gaze in all it's underpassed beauty!

Peter: NO! Bad Hamsternator!

(Hamsternator is trying to eat a plant. Earthworm Jim stops him.)

Jim: You've got to stop putting things in your cheeks! Hey, what else is in there?

(Jim slaps Hamsternator three times, making him spit out a trash can, a machine and a child.)

Hamsternator: Uh, sorry Jim, it's my nature.

Narrator: And so, Jim shows the Hamsternator the marvels of the mall. The frozen yogurt shop.

(Hamsternator eats a hard thing)

Jim: No, no, no you eat this stuff!

(Jim eats some frozen yogurt)

Jim: See? Fudge-licious! (In shock)

(Jim's brains are frozen, a sign says "North Pole")


(Jim runs around screaming. Some birds fly away. The whole Earth can hear it. Then Jim stops running around.)

Jim: Man... what a rush!

Narrator: The lamp store.

Jim: Hello, my little molten friends! ...Hamstey, what have you got in your cheeks now?

Hamsternator: (With glowing cheeks) Nothing!

(Jim glares at the Hamsternator)

Narrator: And of course, the copy place!