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They Called Him Evil[]

Created by Doug TenNapel in 1991, and published under Mocking Bird Press, "They Called Him Evil" was a short eight-page-long black and white comic about the misadventures of Evil the Cat and his owner "Wenzel".

Cover was illustrated by Daren Bader.

Evil the Cat was created by Doug TenNapel for the comic, and later seen by the development team who suggested the character feature in the Earthworm Jim video game.

Earthworm Jim Marvel Absurd Comic[]

Earthworm Jim was published as a comic under "Marvel Absurd" in 1995.

Based on both the TV Show and Video game, it was written by Dan Slott. Drawn by Barry Crain, Manny Galan and Carlos Garzon.

Earthworm Jim Video Game Introduction Comic[]

Drawn by Doug TenNapel. Short comic introduction to Earthworm Jim's creation, that came with Earthworm Jim by Shiny Entertainment in 1994.

Earthworm Jim The Comic Book - Launch The Cow[]

Earthworm Jim The Comic book is the story of how Earthworm Jim was created.

Written and drawn by Doug TenNapel.

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