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Chuck's older appearance: he has gunk all over his face and has hairier arms.

Large and hygiene-challenged, Chuck owns and operates the city-sized junkyard New Junk City with his rabid poodle-bulldog Fifi. They never appeared in the cartoon series.


Chuck makes an appearance in the first Earthworm Jim video game as the last boss of New Junk City, the first level in the game. Chuck sits on a crane, going back and forth on a zip line, and dropping heavy junk items on Jim from above, including trumpets and crates.

When shot by Jim's Plasma Blaster or hit by a crate, Chuck reacts by regurgitating trout, which are just as damaging to Jim's Super Suit as the heavy junk items. They are avoidable by sticking close to the right, next to the springboard.

To defeat Chuck, Jim must whip or shoot the crates he drops onto the springboard and back up to him. After being hit by enough crates, Chuck's crane will begin to short out and explode, causing Chuck to be thrown all over on the exploding crane. Jim then leaves New Junk City on his Pocket Rocket. Whipping or shooting at Chuck with Jim's Plasma Blaster will not affect him since it would only cause Chuck to make armpit farts and regurgitate trout.


Action Figures of Chuck and Fifi