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Jim encounters a cement mixer as Peter Puppy is carried by a crane
(Nintendo SNES port)

The cement mixers are one of the many dangers on Peter Puppy's homeworld.

Earthworm Jim encounters them, among other enemies from which he has to protect Peter, in the level "For Pete's Sake" of the first video game.


The cement mixers appear during the sections of the level where Peter is caught on a hook on the end of a crane, which carries him across pitfalls.

The cement mixers seem to be sentient, or at least are being controlled by a hostile, and will attempt to knock Peter off by firing lightning bolts at Peter. If this happens, Peter will hulk out and attack Jim.

Fortunately, the cement mixers can be destroyed, but are tough and it may take quite a lot of standard Plasma Blaster ammo to do so.


  • The exact nature of these enemies is unclear, although they are referred to as cement mixers in the game materials.
  • The number of cement mixers encountered in the level will depend on a large number of factors. These include which port or regional variation of the game is being played, which path is taken by Jim in the level, and of course which difficulty level the game is set on.