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Catapults firing sumo wrestlers at Jim on the Pocket Rocket

Catapults are ground-based, recurring hostiles in the airborne level The Flyin' King of Earthworm Jim 2.


They resemble large, trebuchet-style catapults. As Earthworm Jim flies overhead on his Pocket Rocket, the catapults fire up human men kamikaze-style at Jim.


Depending on the port of the game and/or regional variation, the people fired at Jim could be Japanese sumo wrestlers, or Roman centurions. If the kamikazes get hold of Jim's Pocket Rocket, they will halt the Pocket Rocket's engine, deduct Super Suit health, and must be shaken off with furious button-mashing. They always land back on the ground with a notable squelch.


  • The catapults can be destroyed, stopping them from firing people. This can be done by shooting at the nearby boulders with the Pocket Rocket plasma, so that the boulders roll down the hill and crush the catapults.