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This article is about the multiplayer-exclusive level in Earthworm Jim HD. Not to be confused with the character of the same name.

Two players fighting Billy the Bin in his level

Billy the Bin is the second online, multiplayer-exclusive level added in Earthworm Jim HD.


The level was not present in the original game or the special edition, nor is it present in the single player mode of Earthworm Jim HD. The level is an online-exclusive level, played only in the online multiplayer cooperative mode of Earthworm Jim HD.

The level itself has the same theme as New Junk City, the first level in the game in single player mode, and is named after the mini-boss of New Junk City, Billy the Bin.

Two different Billy the Bins will have to be fought by the players in this level.

In-game description[]

"Lies and History. 21 worms. The Boy Bandit Bin. He'll die after he leaves."


"Billy the Bin" is accessed upon completing The Junks Are Back in Town!, and is essentially the second section of "The Junks Are Back in Town!".

Completing "Billy the Bin" enables access to the next multiplayer map, "Four to the Lava."