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This article is about the character. Not to be confused with the multiplayer-exclusive level of the same name in Earthworm Jim HD.



Billy the Bin is a hostile, anthropomorphic type of robot which consists of a trashcan for a body, tires for limbs, and a lamp for a head.

Billy the Bin is the mini-boss of New Junk City, the first level of the original Earthworm Jim video game. Billy is the first mini-boss encountered in the game, guarding the path against Jim's advance to the ruler of New Junk City.

Billy the Bin has three different modes of attack. It can transform into a car-like form, driving around the screen attempting to run Jim over. Remotely, it can attack by stomping the ground, causing a mini-earthquake and raining tons of garbage down on where Jim is standing, potentially crushing him. It can also spew out junk items, such as anvils, with some speed, although they are easily deflected with the Plasma Blaster and quick reactions. If the player tries to jump over it, the boss will deal a great amount of damage to the player.

Billy the Bin can normally only be harmed with the Mega Plasma, although it can be harmed by the ordinary Plasma Blaster when its "mouth" is open and exposed to fire out projectiles, or when it is dancing.


  • In some materials for older versions of the game, Billy the Bin had some additional names or monikers. These included "The Trashcan Monster" and "Bugle Boy" as well as Billy the Bin. In both the special edition and HD remake versions of the game, the boss is identified as Billy the Bin.
  • In the HD remake of the original game, killing Billy the Bin in single player mode will unlock the achievement / trophy "Bin slayer". There is also an online multiplayer-exclusive level named after him.
  • Before the game was cancelled in 2006, Billy the Bin was due to make a reappearance in Earthworm Jim PSP, as revealed in promotional footage to the cancelled game. Earthworm Jim would have revisited New Junk City, only to sucked underwater down a giant toilet, and would face a rebuilt, bigger, "spikier" and much more heavily armored Billy.