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This article is about the character in Earthworm Jim Special Edition. Not to be confused with the level of the same name.



Big Bruty is a boss character unique to Earthworm Jim Special Edition.

Bruty appears in the level named after him, which also appeared only in the Special Edition. Big Bruty does not appear elsewhere in the video game series, nor did he appear in the cartoon series.


A blind dinosaur-like creature with a strong sense of smell, Big Bruty will sniff Jim out whenever he is nearby, and will proceed to chase him with a bizarre laugh until he catches and eats him. Once he begins to run, he will not stop running in that direction. He cannot be hurt by Jim's Plasma Blaster, although on a few occasions he will run into an object and split into three smaller Bruties, which are vulnerable to Jim's attacks. Big Bruty can also be evaded by hanging onto higher ledges, or opening trap doors to cause him to fall.


  • This enemy is named after Nick Bruty, the lead art director of Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Jim 2.
  • According to the game manuals, Big Bruty was the last of his species, trapped in an egg for eons, and was found and raised by a caring human. Unfortunately, when Bruty got big enough, he found that he could reproduce asexually, and along with his hatchlings ate everything on the planet. All that remains on the planet now are swarms of giant bees which live off the Bruty hatchlings.[1]