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Barn Blaster icon (PlayStation 2 port of Earthworm Jim 2)

The Barn Blaster is a large handheld weapon added in Earthworm Jim 2.

The Barn Blaster is the most unusual, rarest, and most powerful weapon in Earthworm Jim 2. It becomes more common on easier difficulties.


The Barn Blaster was designed for use in the space station demolition industry. It is unknown what type of ammunition the Barn Blaster uses, but it is an all-encompassing and powerful incendiary. The weapon can only be fired once, since firing it destroys the weapon itself.

In most ports of the game, the weapon resembles a miniature house, farmhouse or barn, comprised of tiny bricks, and with a small chimney on the top. In some ports, the chimney makes a whistling noise before firing.

The Barn Blaster is apparently very heavy, since even Earthworm Jim has trouble lifting it, despite having the super strength of the Super Suit. Due to its nature it doesn't need to be pointed in any particular direction, but Jim still needs to get it out, extend it and lift it up before firing, a process taking a few seconds.

When fired, the white explosion will comprise the whole screen for a second, and all hostile enemies on the screen will be disintegrated instantaneously. The blast radius is quite significant, even sometimes able to destroy enemies that are just off screen. However, the weapon packs a nasty recoil, and Jim is knocked to the ground for a few seconds after each use.

Manual Description[]

"This one-shot-wonder will clear just about everything off the screen, but watch out, it packs a pretty mean recoil! It's like a Mega Plasma on steroids as seen through a magnifying glass reflected off a carnival mirror."[1]


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