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Ant n' Baby

An Ant carrying a baby.


An Ant that managed to get past Jim.


An Ant emerging.

Ants are an enemy in Lorenzen's Soil, the second level of Earthworm Jim 2. They come up to about knee level on Jim, and they have large, black eyes on their heads, which are bigger than their entire body. For unknown reasons, they will occasionally be seen carrying human babies around in their mandibles.

Ants aren't very common; however, when the player is short on time, they can indeed be a nuisance. They emerge from holes in the wall in certain parts of the level, and will continue to do so until enough dirt falls in front of the hole to cover it. Individually, Ants are not very hard to defeat, taking about two whiplashes or five seconds of damage from the Electro-Gun. They can lob babies at Jim from a distance, and will bite him with their large mandibles at close range.